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About the Z's

Philip Christian C. Zuniga is a 33 year old faculty at the University of the Philippines - Diliman, Department of Computer Science. He also sidelines as a freelance Financial Analyst and IT Consultant. Phil has so much time that he can also do research on election data, on ant colony optimization, on cryptography and even on electric consumption in UP Diliman. But on top of everything that he does, he consider's being wifey's partner and pipay's playmate his most important tasks.

Rose Ann Zuniga used to be Rose Ann Valdez Sale before she married Phil. She is 28 years old and she is also a faculty member from UP Diliman DCS. At DCS, Rose Ann is more known as Ma'am Z (in honor of her popular husband Sir Z). Aside from teaching Rose Ann also does professional Software Development and Software Architecture work as a freelancer. When she stays at home, aside from making sure that her family is well fed with goodies, Rose Ann also maintains a mini herbs garden at their terrace.

Purple Raine Zuniga used to be facebook's most liked baby. Her cute face has been posted by her very proud parents and has brought happiness and smiles to countless of people. There are times when Pipay is actually more recognizable than mommy or daddy. Expect that this site will document how Pipay will grow and hopefully in the future Pipay would even want to continue what her parents has started on this site

Meet the Z's

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Philip Christian

The Boss
Educator by day. Financial Analyst at night. Posing as Project Manager at times. Data Scientist when bored. Husband and Dad all the time.

Rose Ann

The Commander in Chief
An awesome teacher. The best cook. Software Developer when needed. Team Z’s cheerleader. Phil’s wifey and Pipay’s mommy


The Baby
Phil and Ar-ey’s first child. She is the love that binds us together. Team Z’s source of joy and happiness.

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