And now we begin.

We have always wanted to have our own site. The plan is to have a site where we can share anything we want to share. We plan to share our experiences, our thoughts, our professional life. Both of us are outspoken individuals, and we felt that Facebook, no matter how personal it can be it not our platform. We want our own platform where we can say whatever we want to say or share or whatever we want to share. Hence our own site. Our own space in this world wide web.

We also plan to put up our class sites in this website. Though google sites works, we want something that is ours, and something more professional. We will be uploading announcements, class materials, student records on this site.

We will also be posting and blogging about special family events, or any event in our lives. Both me and wifey have done blogging before, but we have not continued them. I started blogging in Friendster, then I also have some Blogger accounts (some of my posts became too controversial so I took it down). I also tried Facebook notes. The thing with Facebook notes is that it is too public, that people, even those who are not interested at you, will be able to read it. Atleast now that we have our own sites, people who don’t want to read about us won’t be able to do so. And we feel that people who will visit our site are the ones who are interested at us (whether positively or negatively).

A disclaimer though. We don’t attest to the veracity of the posts that we will be posting here (except for the class sites). We might be posting things that might not be true, and hence we don’t want to be legally liable for those posts. So read at your own risk. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

The Z’s