Ohh hello there!

I’m Rose Ann, and this is my first post here. This website is actually new and our original plan is to have a class website for the courses that we teach. Yep! I am a teaching. I am an assistant professor at the University of the Philippines. I am also a mother and a wife. That’s the 3 biggest roles I have at this time.

This is my personal page. We have one for the classes, Phil has his own, and our kids (Just Pipay for now) will have their own too! I will mostly write things about being a mom (breastfeeding and being a first-time-mommy), some on cooking/baking, traveling, and arts and crafts.

I actually plan to import my blogger posts, since I have a lot there which are mostly during my pregnancy and my first year as a mom. Well, I’m having issues importing so I’ll skip that today. đŸ™‚

Ohh! please do write me an email/comment so we can have some discussions.

I’m so excited!

Welcome to my world!