Learning Activities for 2 -4 YO

I’ve read a lot of homeschooling websites and I am really interested. However, I know that I cannot do it. Just a bit of background, I am working full time as a professor at the University of the Philippines. In addition I have research projects too (a.k.a raket). I currently have a big project with PCIJ and a 6 month long project with DOH.

One of the recommendations I read in numerous books/sites is to read to your baby at least 20 minutes per day. To be honest, I am failing on this one. Ohh well. But I am trying. I even asked my mother to read to her so she will have book time.

Anyway, I plan to follow a home-based learning curriculum from Letter of The Week.  I saw that it is more on playing, having fun, singing, dancing, and poems. So I hope this will be more on playing than hardcore lesson/teaching. I hope to have fun as well. Here is another site that offers printables: fun2write coloringbook

We are still not doing home-school, we actually plan to enroll her to daycare next year. And hopefully, to CDC (preschool) mid next year.

We may not be home schooling, but home is the best school right? So we will try to teach her lessons at home too.