On Shouting Arguments

While on our way home, Wifey  and I discussed how couples fight. I told her that before, when my parents fight, I actually don’t understand anything. I never got to know the reason, or what they are fighting about. I will just learned everything when that fight is over.

Then I realized that actually, when a couple fight, when they shout at each other, what they say are actually pointless and without any logic. They just shout at each other without knowing what they are actually saying. And we are actually guilty at that too. When we shout (well we dont actually shout at each other)…when we argue angrily what we say to each other is pointless. I’ll say, Galit ka na naman!!! Lagi na lang!!! Wifey will say: Ewan ko sayo!!! Eh ganun eh!!!. (or vice versa). But we never get to fix anything when we argue because its useless.

Meaningful conversation. Make-ups. Sorrys, are being said when all is calm and when both of us are ready to talk. We get to discuss the issues, and we settle. At times, a lot of times, we dont settle, we dont discuss, we just say sorry and we move on.


2 thoughts on “On Shouting Arguments

  • Wala pa naman ata tayong ‘shouting’ arguments no? 🙂 I guess, it is because of Pipay too. We don’t want her to know when we are ‘fighting’.. And most of them are just ‘tampo’ or ‘inis’ over small things.

    Thank you for being patient and understanding, thank you for your love. I love you!

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