That Simbang Gabi Wish

I saw the following post in my timehop application. Apparently I posted this 5 years ago.

Timehop post 5 years ago

Timehop post 5 years ago

December 2010. Mama and me decided to try to complete the 9 simbang gabi masses. Actually we tried completing the night masses because the dawn masses were really too hard to do :). I remember doing 1 dawn mass because I missed a night mass, and I almost fell down because of uber sleepiness. We were able to complete the 9 masses. And boy that was an achievement. I remember seeing how the attendance during the 9 masses dwindled, that towards the 8th or 9th night  eh halos 10% na lang ata ang nakakumpleto ng 9 masses

Anyways, tradition has it that anyone is able to complete the 9 masses, then you can have a wish. And to be honest my motivation in completing the 9 masses is that I have a wish…I have a prayer.

I prayed that next year, hopefully I will able to meet that one person already.  I was already at that time, and I felt heartaches after heartaches. I wanted to meet that person already. I wanted to settle down with that person already.


Then February came.