Depo Provera Injectable Contraceptive and Me and My Weight

Around 4 months after I gave birth to Pipay, I had my menstruation again. It was my OB’s advice to visit her after the first menstruation because we have to talk about birth control, spacing, family planning especially since Phil and I are still starting a new family. So I did. Since I am breastfeeding Pipay, she recommended that I take injectable (depo-provera) as contraceptive since it is the best there is for breastfeeding mothers. So I took it.

Here’s more information on depo provera: webMDplanned parenthood.. They have good info on how depo works, and some advantages and disadvantages too.

As of now, I just stopped using it. I did not take the shot for this December. I was on it for almost 2 years. I’ll post another blog on getting out of it (since I think there are effects).

I’ve read about the side effects of taking it. I’ve read numerous blogs and forums about it. But the bottom line is that the effects are not universal. They depend on the woman. Size? Genes? Race? Metabolism? I am not really sure what factors to consider or to look at.

At that time, the scariest for me was weight gain. You see, I am on the heavy side. Before I got pregnant, I was at around 169 pounds (it was my weight when I went to the OB to confirm my pregnancy). The heaviest I got during my pregnancy to Pipay was at 178 pounds. And a few weeks after I weighted 154 pounds.

When I started on depo provera, I started to gain weight too. I am actually at 190+ pounds now (got tired weighing so I’m not sure).

I am still breastfeeding Pipay, and I’ve read that bf-ing will help you lose weight. It didn’t. I gained and gained and gained weight. I am always hungry, and I eat a lot during meals. Add lack of exercise to that, and viola! A super-sized me.

It is really really sad that I gained such weight. In fact, that’s one of the factors (or the only factor?) why we decided that I should stop taking it.

How about you? Did you gain weight with Depo Provera too?