Merry Christmas

The homily during the Christmas eve mass earlier was on the need to celebrate Christmas even if there is sadness around us, even if there those who suffer, who have no shelter to cover them, who have no food to eat.The priest told us that Christmas should be celebrated because of Christ. Christ does not only brings Joy to us, He also takes away our suffering. He is also the shelter who cover us when we are cold, he is also the food that we will partake. Christ is not only the God of Happiness, but he is also the Comforter of suffering, and in celebrating Christmas we thank Christ for what we have right now, and and if we are suffering, if we are hungry, if we are out cold, then we ask him to comfort us.

When Christ came, a star was able to light the whole of bethlehem. In the darkness we are facing right now, let Christmas, let Christ be the one to light us.


Merry Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus