Z Christmas

The Zuniga extended family reunion on Christmas has been going way before I was born. It is usually a highlight of the year. We get to see relatives who we dont usually see, and when we were young it was usually a time to earn money from the aguinaldo’s.

After sometime, the Z family have decided to takeover the food choirs. It is a time to share the blessings that we had during the whole year, and apart from that tradition, we also have the shirt color  coding traditions. Z family members (and future members, and ex future members) will wear the same colored shirt. It started  6 years ago when we decided to wear red. That year was a very special christmas because we were celebrating it despite the challenges we faced during that year. It was a challenging year, yet the Christmas celebration was quite special because we felt that we have survived the challenges of the year before.

And for the next years, we have continued with the traditions. We have grown in numbers and yet, the special bond, and the love, and the joy that we share for each other during Christmas is still there. Merry Christmas Guys.