That 2015 Post.

To sum up 2015, the right word is blessing. Me and Wifey have been blessed for this year, not only material blessings, but more importantly we have been blessed with peace of mind, joy of work, happiness and full of love.



Peace of mind is knowing that the future holds bright for you. Peace of mind is knowing that you are doing the right thing. Peace of mind is knowing that you are with the right person, and that you are building the right family. Peace of mind is believing that God never ceases to love us no matter what.

Joy of work is being with the nicest people to work with. Joy of work is being happy and contented to work regardless of the pay or the kind of environment you work at. Joy of work is knowing that wifey is always behind you.

Happiness is Pipay. Is waking in the mornings with her kisses. Is waking her up by making her laugh. Happiness is when she eats a lot. Happiness is when she runs and runs. Happiness is when she is Happy. Happiness is when she learning new things. Happiness is being with her.

Love is Rose Ann.  Love is waking up with her, looking forward to the day ahead. Love is going to work with Rose Ann. Love is discussing our joint projects. Love is sleeping with her, dreaming about what the future will hold for us.

I really don’t know what 2016 will bring. The ESB project will surely eat up the first quarter of the year. The PCIJ project is heading to a major deadline for the elections. I will be handling classes where I don’t have slides yet 2016 is going to be exciting. Wifey might go abroad for her PHD. We will be having a new president. Pipay will go to a day care. 2016 is on moving to our home.

Definitely, 2016 will be exciting.