That New Year in Rosario La Union

Last year (January 2015), Wifey and I discussed the possibility of having the new year celebration in Rosario La Union. The past year (2014) have been so kind to us, and we expected that 2015 will also be kind to us (and it did), so we felt that we should have our NYE celebration in Wifey’s home province. Its been a long time since the whole clan really had a big celebration in Rosario, so perhaps this is a good time. Plus we can have some time too to visit Baguio since the Z’s usually are in Baguio during th enew year.


Actually, it is the home province of Nanay (since Tatay is from Leyte). Wifey will usually describe it to be a farm-kind of province where you’ll walk over Pilapils. 🙂 I’ve had vacations in Batangas so I though that I knew what Provincial Life look likes, where there are trees where you can eat the fruits, and there are roosters that will wake you up, and that there are ducks that will run around.

But I was too naive 🙂

Rosario La Union is the kick off town when going to Baguio. After arriving at the town center, we rode a tricycle for a 20 minute ride up the mountain. Then you will have a mini trek to actually reach the place. And the place was a paradise, you are in the middle of a huge farm, where there are pigs and chickens, and cows and carabaos. It is a place where you will need to walk over mini rice terraces to reach your nearest neighbor (who is also Nanay’s brother). I almost fell to one of the rice fields, because of the steepness of the path.

That is provincial life. It is where instead of being waked up of chicken, you will be awaken by pigs. It is where you are literally kilometers away from the nearest “civilization”. It is where time really crawls. It is where conversations happen. It is where family pranks and jokes are entertainment. It is where you appreciate what “family” is because you have no other distractions. It is where you run again, where you play again.

The experience was really nice, and hopefully we can go back there on the near future 🙂