In 2006

Now that we are entering 2016, I wanted to reminisce the things that happen a decade ago (2006). Sometimes, you’ll felt that those things that happened 10 years ago, just happened yesterday πŸ™‚

2006 was the year the Da Vinci Code movie premiered. I was such a fan of the book and watching it on the big screen was a dream come through (though I liked Angels and Demons more).

davinci code superman

It was also the year Superman Returns premiered, and this is quite a special movie since this is the first full length movie that I actually watched at IMAX. Speaking of IMAX, 2006 was also the year SM MOA opened (imagine its already a decade old, but everytime I go there I always feel na parang bago siya.)



In the local movie industry, Judy Ann finally started doing some nice films, as she did Kasal Kasali Kasalo (which topped the 2006 MMFF). Also Sukob premiered in 2006, and this horror movie eclipsed Feng Shui and Tanging Ina to be the top box office film of that time (last Kris Aquino movie that I’ve seen ata).

kasal kasali sukob

In TV, 2006 marked the end of two of my favorite series (of all time), The West Wing (where they had the first Latino President, 2 years earlier than the actual first Black president), and Alias (Sydney Bristow already had a baby, who have the potential of being another Spy). Β And for the past 10 years, I’ve been hoping and praying that they actually do movie remakes.

alias west wing

In the local TV scene, Keanna Reeves won the PBB Celebrity Edition, but I guest the biggest news during that season is Rustom’s admission. The top Koreanovelas of that time are Ako si Kim Sam Soon and Only You.

kim sam soon only you pbb celebrity

Bad Day and You are Beautiful are among the top foreign songs of 2006 while, locally we are at the middle of the Accoustic Era.

Ten years, ago the most high end laptop had the following specs:

mac macintosh

Core 2 duo πŸ™‚ 512 MB RAM and 80 – 120 GB HDD. Imagine what we have right now πŸ™‚ In terms of phones, Nokia was still ruling with N70 being the most popular phone at that time. Mobile phones were still a battle between Nokia (N73) and Erickson (K880i)

k880i n73

Friendster was still the favorite social media site (no facebook yet)



Personally, I was at the middle of a two year contract with Till Photonics, where I was still working as a Software Developer. We already moved to the CSRC and holding office over there. By November of 2006, I already started as a lecturer at DCS (before going full time in 2007).

A lot happened in a decade…and seriously 512 MB RAM???