That monday morning presentation

I hate deadlines and I hate cramming. As with the DOH project that I have, I have always disciplined myself to always accomplish the required work ahead of time. And yet, I got a notice yesterday (Saturday) that I’ll need to present something on Monday morning.



Hence, I was forced to work late on Sunday (actually I was too sleepy yesterday so I failed to accomplish anything). I needed to go out to work since I find it hard to work at home especially when you a daughter as cute as Pipay, and you’d just want to play with her.  Usually I do well on projects, but I really don’t know why I feel differently of this DOH project, for one, this project is hard to grasp, it seems that everytime we meet, I encounter something new, something I dont know, and I am not prepared to encounter. You see, I am a controlling freak. I hate situations that I cannot control, and I hate surprises (thats why i am in the academe). And with this project, it seems that I cant control all the variables.

Secondly, the pressure is really high. I am carrying UPs name, I am working for others to receive their salary, and I am working to improve health care in the country.

But, this is a challenge, and I am really interested to see how I will thrive with this.