on teaching styles

Its the start of the semester again, and I am figuring out ways on how I can deliver my courses in an effective manner. Teaching styles should not vary from teacher to teacher, but I think it should vary from a course to another course. When I handle CS 32, I will rely extensively on the slides that I made, and on the Quiwa textbook, and it has proven effective for me. For CS 11, I usually have simpler slides, and I try to code in class.

For this sem, I will be handling CS 131 (Numerical Methods) and Financial Modeling. I plan to use slides and notes in CS 131, while I try to avoid long lectures in Financial Modeling, but rather I prefer to answer problems, discuss situations and case studies.

Unlike professional teachers (those who studied “education”, and who passed the licensure exams), we rely on experience. We use our experience to determine which methods worked before on a particular subject, and which methods failed. As we stay in the academe longer, hopefully, we can find the right mix in those subjects that we teach. Interestingly enough we are evaluated on teaching effectiveness, even if we are not trained to teach effectively.