Toys for Toddlers

We are expecting the turnover of our Condo before mid year of 2016. We are really excited because that’s our first ‘own’ home. We were renting a condo since we Phil and I got married. We currently live in a an approximately 24 sqm room. We have limited space so we are careful on buying things.

Pipay acquired many toys already. Some we bought, many were gifts. Small, big, electronic, figures, educational – so many variety.

Since we are moving soon (in less than 6 months, I think) and since Pipay really wants to buy the wooden doll house we saw, we decided to look at her current toys. We decided to keep the ones that I think not so important or she doesn’t need as much as the others. I read numerous blogs/articles from moms, educators, and experts about which toys to keep or which toys are great to have. Luckily, a doll house falls under the category that allows kids to be more creative by play-pretending, so we might buy that next week (this would still depend on Pipay as she sometimes changes mind and choose something else). Of course my daughter needs toys, so I selected a few that will not go into hiding.

These are they toys she will be playing with:

Stuffed toys. Most of her stuffed toys are already packed away. The ones left are the new ones (they are gifts last Christmas) and her favorites.

Letter Blocks. We seldom use them now, but she loves to play “pick and tell” with them where she will pick one at random and tell me which one it was.

Counting tools. We are teaching her to count so this is very important. Aside from counting, she uses them for other play-pretend activities.

Wooden Blocks and Lego. For creating houses, cars, and other things. These helps improve her imagination and creativity.

Tower of Hanoi. Ok, this is Daddy’s favorite. She wants Pipay to learn how to solve it. She can’t yet, but she will someday. She uses the disks for other games too!

Animal Figures. For learning sounds and for identifying them. She knows all of them already, but they are good for play pretend as well so I decided not to pack them away.

Cooking Set. Among her favorites. She love to cook for mommy, daddy, panda and her other stuffed toy friends. We even play restaurant, where she is the cook.

Pails. They are good toy storage and good for sorting stuff. Can be used indoor or outdoor. She uses them mostly on sorting her things/toys based on color.

Peanuts Figure. This is the latest McDo happy meal toy. They are for mommy as much as for Pipay. Haha. I plan to bring them in the office once we completed them. She have some toys in the office since she visits at least once a month.