When a child misbehaved (this is a rant)

When a child misbehaved or said something not so nice or hurt someone or throw tantrums, what do you do? How do you handle them? As a first time mom, I am still learning on that part, I read, I ask, I try to be calm. I keep on reminding myself that my daughter is human. And that there is a reason or a cause for such situations. Hopefully, I will learn to avoid them too.

Having said that, this is not really about my child misbehaving nor about any child. My confusion and my anger is about the people she treated not so nicely, the people who saw us during that moment. My question is this, is it my fault as  mother that my child did that? Is it my fault that you were hurt because my child said that?

Didn’t you know how much I am trying to teach her to behave, to be kind? Yes I understand that my daughter said something that hurt you, but why? why do you have to shout at me in the mall and tell me it is all my fault?

Do you know me? Do you know if I am a bad person or not? Why did you have to shout that at me (in the mall) that my child learn to behave like that because I taught her to say that?