Dream Doll House

It is every girl’s dream to have a doll house. A big one with white walls, big rooms and grand staircase. Add to it some elegant furnitures, complete kitchen set and girly room for your favorite doll. Cute dolls that can change clothes would be very very nice.

It was one of my childhood dreams. A doll house of my own. In one of my birthdays (I think 7th) I received a complete kitchen set made of plastic. It would be perfect if I own a doll house where I can put it. I used shoe boxes instead.

My dolls are usually paper dolls. My first Barbie doll came when I was in grade 5 or 6. My first doll was a rug doll. I collected several paper dolls and I learned how to make paper clothes for them. Ohh sweet memory.

When we saw the wooden doll house in Fisher Mall, I fell in love. I really like it. And to be honest, I don’t know if I like it so much for the little girl inside me who never had one or because of my daughter. Well, Pipay fell in love with it. We did not bought it right away. We went home, and we are still deciding if we will buy it. Here’s some factors that we considered:

  • Do we have the money to buy it? It costs 10,000.00 pesos.
  • Will Pipay benefit from it (intellectually/developmentally)? Will it promote creativity, enhance her social skills, etc.
  • Does she really like it and would play with it not just once? Will she still like it after a week? a month?
  • Is it safe and will its quality allow it to be passed on to her siblings eventually?

and here is our answer:

  • Yes. We can get the money from our Pipay Fund. It’s the money she received last 3 Christmas and 2 birthdays. Plus from my rackets before and occasional money from relatives. We actually plan to spend some on HK Disneyland on her 3rd birthday.
  • Yes. Play pretend is one of the best play a child can do. It enhances creativity and critical thinking as well.
  • Yes. She was looking for it even after a week. She keep on asking her daddy to buy it. She calls it ‘bahay ko’.
  • Yes. It is made of wood which is much much better than plastic.

So, we bought it. And Pipay is the happiest kid. I am very happy too. Pipay’s dream doll house is just perfect. It comes with some furnitures that are also made of wood. the windows, doors and stairs are removable so she can fully play inside the house.

You can also add more furnitures. In fact, as of now, we already added some from Sylvanians Family. We added a swing, dining set and a bed.

Pipay colored some of the walls using her crayons, which is OK. She owns it so she can do what ever she wants. When it is time to give it to her sibing, we can just paint the wall.

Here’s some of the pictures.