Of Going to School

Pipay is going to school. Having gone through the cycle, I know how big that moment it will be for Pipay. I remember my first days in nursery, and how I’d ask my grandmother to stay with me inside the school (while I was crying). That was one of the most defining moment of my life. I know that Pipay will have a lot of experiences in school that will define and shape her in the future.

I was prepared on what Pipay would experience, but I (or we) are not prepared on what to experience. It is a mixture of feelings. It is happy, because we know that Pipay will have so much fun playing and learning with her classmate. We are also nervous because we do not know how Pipay will react in such a set up. We are anxious because we know that little things might upset our little angel. She might not want to eat or she might find it hard to do the tasks (cleaning hands, toothbrushing, wearing shoes). She might be bullied. Bad things can happen, and that is making us so anxious. We are also sentimental. Being first time parents, we turn sentimental to every milestone that our child will have. And definitely Pipay going to school means that she is already growing up. She will start to move away from our protective arms.

It is interesting how we prepare our child as they go to school (I always talk to her about the do’s and the don’ts), and yet no one is preparing us as parents on how we would feel or react as our children starts going to school.