Potty Training

I read a lot of articles and blogs on potty training. And I (Phil as well) have the impression that it is very very very hard. There will be accidents and not just wet shorts or wet bed but as well as soiled ‘anything’… I read at least 3 blogs where the kid does it almost anywhere. And I think there was this one who did not know when her child pooped on one corner of their house. Some are hilarious, but they did scare me.

I asked a co-faculty on they trained their 2 kids. She said with the older one, a girl, they observed the time she usually poop. Then they sit her on her throne and wait for her to do it. But then she said that did not work out with the 2nd (a boy).

Around the internet. I read some where the following tips:

  • let them take their time.
  • make sure their feet is planted on the floor. They need their own little version or a foot stool.
  • massage the tummy
  • try to look for the regular schedule. Like every morning after breakfast, or before going to bed, etc.

Where we are. We are half way down the potty training. When at home, Pipay no longer wear diapers. We bought her her own toilet. She will announce to us when she needs to pee. She will also announce when she needs to poop. Sometimes, she doesn’t want you to go with her in the bathroom and would just call you to wash her.

However, when wearing a diaper, she would still pee and poop in it, especially when we are out. When playing and she’s really into the game (such as tickle time with daddy), she will sometimes wet her short.

What we did to reach this stage. We started with the pee. And we started by telling her that she should tell us when she feels like going to pee. Then we told here where to go. Then we don’t let her wear diapers at home when awake. We had a lot of wet shorts experience and even 1 – 3 wet bed. Then her own toilet seat (a chair type). We would also ask her numerous times if she wants to pee. Then eventually, she can do it on her own. She can even put down her own shorts (she’ll ask for help if it is tight).

The poop part of the training was a bit harder. We tried our co-worker’s way but it didn’t work out. Pipay doesn’t have a routine/regular time for that. We had around 2-3 soiled shorts since we started. Sometimes it is a matter of wet stool or hard. If it is wet, the probability of not making it to the toilet is high.

What is next. We still wear diapers when we go out. So that’s next. Then we will try no diapers at night.

What we think. Phil and I agreed that potty training Pipay is a bit easy than we expected. Hopefully, the rest of our potty training training will be as easy as the first part. And hopefully, it will be as easy with the future siblings.