Pipay’s First Day at School (Day Care)

I know I must write about this for this is not just her first day, but our first day too. This is more memorable and significant to us, her parents, than to her.

She started on February 1, 2016, Monday.

The firsts. This day is the day of a lot of firsts.

  • Her first day of school.
  • Her first school bag. a purple and pink small trolley bag we bought especially for her school. It comes with a matching lunch bag and water jug.
  • First School shoes. Given by her grandfather as gift. Her grandparent are very excited too!
  • First time someone else will take care of her.
  • First time that we will leave her, alone, on a place we are not very much familiar with.
  • First time that we woke up early to prepare her things. Her snack, her clothes, her breakfast.
  • First time that she will be in an environment where she doesn’t know anyone.
  • First time that she will eat snack alone.
  • First time that she will do things without our help. Her teacher will help her of course.

Ohhh a lot of firsts for her and for us first time parents.

What we feel. I cannot write what Pipay felt that day. I can only guess. I was worried. We are worried. A lot worried. I know she is afraid. I know she miss me. I know she will call for me. To be honest, I almost cry. I want to cry as I kiss her good bye and leave the room. I would like to stay that day, but I have an important meeting to attend. I have to remind myself  more than once that she will be Ok. I checked my phone more than 5 times in an hour, because I was waiting for teacher’s text and I should come get her. I wanted to cry when I saw her get out of the room. I wanted to hug her tight and reassure her that mommy loves her and that I am just there to hug her and keep her safe.

After School. She showed us the good job smileys on both her hands. As excited parents, we took pictures of her hands. We asked her questions on how her first day was, what they did, how are her teachers and her classmates. A lot of questions. But we received very few answer since she can’t remember much or maybe she doesn’t know the words to describe them yet. She was rather quiet when we fetch her. She say very few words. The only activity that she told us is that they watched Peppa Pig.

We went to Rodick’s at the shopping center. she didn’t eat. She doen’t want to sit on my lap. She does’t want to go near us. We let her be. Then she told us that her tummy hurts. Then she pooped. We were in a hurry to get home so she can clean and rest. And sadly, we left her Robby Rabbit jug on the table of the restaurant.

Nanay and Jared were at home when we arrived. Her spirit was a bit up when she saw them. She was much more herself. But we continue to worry and wonder. We already know that one of our greatest job as parents is to continue to worry on the welfare of our child.