The presentation that never was

I was suppose to present my paper on a CEO forum this Tuesday. But given the possible media implications of my work (it was about election bailiwicks), the organizers have decided to just limit its exposure to just a poster. And just tonight, they decided to just remove my work as to remove the risks.  It was actually the right decision to do. Media would remember my results (not necessarily me), and not the other equally important works.

I’d be a hypocrite if I’d say that I didnt mind. I did mind. I was ecstatic when I heard the news that my work would be presented in a forum. I booked a flight to return back to Manila on Monday night and go back to Kalibo (Boracay) on Tuesday noon just to be able to present on the forum. I was bitter when they decided to just make it a poster presentation (thought it meant that I never needed to leave Boracay, so it cancelled it). I actually no longer wanted to create a poster as i felt that no one might want to read it at all, but given that its a duty to the College, then I should still do it. So when informed that my work would no longer be presented (not in a poster nor in an oral presentation), I felt sad, but well there is always a higher purpose than ourselves, and that should matter always.

It is very rare when academics like us get to present in a forum like a CEO forum. For us, it is our way to put our hands in the table too. It was our way to educate the general public too. It was our chance to get popular. People (or at least me) are tired when old people discusses the election as if it is all politics. I wanted to tell the whole country, that we can put some science in our elections,  if candidates would only look at the specific regions, province, localities, they can target the areas where they would be strong, and target areas where they are weak.

well some time perhaps 🙂