Why I am betting on DU30 for 2016

Disclaimer: This is going to be a Dutertard post so if you don’t want to read, then don’t. Stop here





OK since you chose to continue. Then please try to understand my reasons.

Truth to be told. I am a certified Yellowtard in 2010. I cheered for PNOY. I campaigned for him. I got into online battles for him. And he won.  And I was optimistic because I can see changes. I can also see frustrations, given the fact that this Government is really so sloooow when it comes to the implementation of infra projects. I also accepted the fact that PNOY is not that competent at all. He was elected because of the perception that GMA is corrupt, and the last thing we needed is a competent, corrupt technocrat like GMA.

But as I have told before, he lost me at Mamasapano.

For this year, I am betting for another candidate once more. It is quite obvious who that person is. I am rooting for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, and my golly, I am really praying for this guy to win. Why?

  1. I’ve been to Davao twice, and I know how orderly the city is. Actually, cities outside Metro Manila like Bacolod, Cebu, Iloilo or even Baguio are a lot more orderly than Metro Manila. And yet, Davao is still a notch higher than those cities. No fireworks, no smoking, taxi drivers are honest to the teeth, there is an order in the jeepney routes, City is clean. Galing. And if you read up, Davao City seems to be really progressive in terms of the protection of women and children. Davao City has its version of 911. I first visited the City in 2009, and I already saw how they adore Mayor Duterte. And I also have some friends from Davao City and I have never heard anything negative from them about Davao City. Given the fact that the presidency is an EXECUTIVE position, being a mayor from a major city really should be given consideration since it is them who really know how to manage. Also, if we will believe in Surveys almost 80% of voters from the Davao region will vote for Duterte.  People from Manila can rant and rant about Duterte, but these people don’t have 1st hand knowledge or experience of what Duterte’s brand of leadership is. On the otherhand, those who have first hand experience are solidly behind this guy.
  2. Duterte is the only person who has the courage to solve the Mindanao problem. He is the only person who has the balls to put every stakeholder in Mindanao in a room.  He totally understand the Mindanao issue. Its not only about the MILF or the MNLF, you also need to bring in the ruling families like the Ampatuans, or the Dilangalens or the Datumanongs, or the Mangungudatus. Mindanao is a very complex place, and you will need someone from there to fix this problem. Imagine the prospects that we will have if we have a peaceful Mindanao. Grace Poe wont be able to bring in those people together. Roxas won’t either. Binay might be able to bring all of them in the room….but well its Binay.
  3. He is the only person who is active in pushing Federalism. For the longest time, Metro Manila has been so congested. Everything, everyone wants to be in Metro Manila. Why because it is where all the action is. Federalism devolves the power from Manila to the provinces. Each federal region will be responsible for their own growth, based from their own productivity. The spending of the federal regions wont be based on whether they are allies of the central government, their spending will be based on their own needs and on their own finances. Imagine how much more Cebu or Bacolod or Davao will grow in a Federal setting. Ofcourse there are issues such dynasties, or what will happen to the poor federal regions….well we can debate about these weaknesses and for sure once we put this in a ConCon or ConAss, measures for these weaknesses will be discussed. But I am a believer that we really need Federalism to bring prosperity to the provinces, and to decongest Metro Manila.
  4. Political will = #nuffsaid


Ofcourse, Duterte is not the perfect candidate. I don’t agree on his stand on Arroyo or on Marcos. But, well atleast it shows me that the person I am voting will not be doing things just because it is popular. I have concerns on the human rights issues, pero there’s no way of verifying these facts. And well as compared to the other candidates, I am willing to gamble on these issues with him.

Why not Miriam…well two things (1) she is not serious in running, (2) bongbong

Why not abstain? Well I am not a fan of Abstain. Abstaining just makes it easier for the front runner to win (so ergo its also a vote on the front runner). And why would I abstain if I have Duterte?



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  • I take pleasure in, cause I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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