Today, Pipay decided to climb on her own

The first slides, I had to lift her and put her on top of the slide. Then the next ones, she climbed holding my hands and I was carrying some of her weights. Then she decided she can do it herself. The rest of our playground bonding, I was just there, standing, looking at her, all ready to come to her rescue, and praying that she will not fall. When I saw that she is really confident climbing, that she knows she have to hold real tight, I relaxed a bit and  I remembered to take a few video. In this video, she was really happy that she was able to climb, you can even hear her say something like “Galing ko, akyat Pipay!”

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But you know what? I was a bit sad and happy. Mixed emotions that mothers experience in every milestones and achievements their kids do. I was sad, because my daughter’s confidence and independence could also mean less bonding with me, fewer mommy and baby moments, her world will no longer revolve around me, she will need me less. I am selfish, but can you tell a mother who is not when it comes to their kids?. I am happy and excited. She was really happy to do it by herself. I know I am doing something right when I let her do it herself. I know that beyond the playing, doing it on her own is a life lesson that I am glad she is learning.

We have to let them go. Let them try things on their own. Let them fall a bit. Let them get dirty and messy. Let them learn. It is part of growing up. And we mothers (and fathers) can only wish for them to slow down in growing.