CS11 MP2: Pre-MP Requirement 2

Machine Problem 2

Pre-MP requirement 2

April 19, 2016

I. Specification

You have to be able to submit the names of each member of your group. Each group is composed of 2 students only enrolled on the same CS11 section.

II. Submission

  • On the page where I posted this, comment your complete name and your partner’s complete name, and your section.
  • A name must appear only once. You cannot be member of 2 or more groups.
  • Once you appeared on comment, you cannot change group anymore.
  • Those who are not in any group in the comment section by 9:00PM on Friday, April 22, will be randomly grouped/paired.
  • No one will do the MP solo. Everyone will be given a group, final grouping will be announced on or before Monday, April 25.
  • Those who did not submit their pre-MP2 requirement 1 is not allowed to join any group.
  • Those who already dropped the course should not join any group.

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