why not mar?

I was an Aquino die hard in 2010. And I felt Mar would be a good, really good VP. Had he run for president in 2010, I would have voted for him. But 2010 – 2016 happened. For me, the biggest mistake was at DOTC. He replaced Ping de Jesus in DOTC, and when he came in he replaced the engineers, economists usecs with what? with lawyers. I have nothing against lawyers, but the DOTC will sponsor the biggest infrastructures of the Aquino administration. I was part of a team doing a study on LRT 1 during those times, and I know personally how we were sidelined, how the study was sidelined because Mar and his bright boys had another agenda.

Three years after, they bidded out the LRT, which was completely different from what were proposing, and what happened? a failed bidding. I heard news of how he opposed the LRT fare hikes because of possible electoral backlash. From there on, I knew, Mar was not the person I was hoping to be the successor of PNOY. When he left DOTC, he left there all his undersecretaries, and he was replaced by t he most incompetent cabinet secretary ever. Rumor has it that he was still the one running the show at DOTC, and how they would favor one group with the big ticket projects. I was part of the LRT 1 bid and AFCS bid, and we always felt that the DOTC was always favoring one group

Jessie died, and even if he has no experience with working with local governments, he was appointed for DILG. DILG suddenly become at the forefront of the fight against the rebels (Zamboanga Siege), disaster recovery (Yolanda and other storms). I know that DILG is an important part of these issues, but you could easily how Mar would try to be on forefront…then he will always fail.  He has that teka teka personality.

Perhaps, he is bright, perhaps he is not corrupt. But for me, Mar is so incompetent. And that is the reason on why I won’t vote for him.