CS 11: MP2 More Bonus

Invite your parents, siblings, and other relatives (related by blood) to test your MP. As early as now, let your parents know what you really do in CS. Show them the product of those sleepless nights, missed family dinners and gatherings, and the reason for you stress eating.


  • You must provide a proof of relation (esp for cousins and other distant relatives) such as pictures of you together on a family gathering, etc.
  • Max point is 20.
  • Each parent is 5 points.
  • Each sibling (must be of age 5 and above) is 3 points.
  • Each cousin and other distant relative is 2 points.
  • They are NOT required to test other games. They just have to play yours.
  • You have to take a picture of them playing your game and post it on FB for the points to be valid. And you have to tag me, so I won’t miss it. 🙂
  • They can only test during the testing period.
  • They CANNOT vote for the best game bonus.