CS 11 MP2 Top Games

To compute for the top games, each vote of 1st place is given 3 points, 2points for every 2nd place and 1 point for every 3rd place. Then the total was computed. The overall best games are:


Total number of testers (excluding family members): 20

1st Place: Ninja Master

2nd Place: A Cobra's IQ

3rd Place: Type Ko To

Points gathered

Ninja Master: 31

A Cobra’s IQ: 23

Type Ko To: 22

Isko of the Dead: 17

Rise to Supremacy: 15

Shooting Simulator 2016: 11


Total number of testers (excluding family members): 35

1st Place: Super Adventure Land

2nd Place: Ice Qubes

3rd Place: Little Red

Points gathered

Super Adventure Land: 57

Ice Qubes: 43

Little Red: 39

Passin: 20

Connect Four: 14

Isko Dash: 12

Escape the Jungle: 6

Wonders of Trollhood: 6