CS 131 scores


Please see your grades in CS 131. Take note that I already converted the grades into grade components (hence Exams 1.2.3 are 20 points each, MP 1.2.3 are 3,3 and 4 points respectively, quizzes is 10 points while probsets is 20 points). This means that if you got 100 points in exam 1, then your exam 1 grade component is 20 points (exam score*0.2/100).


Please check the scores. If you want to see the actual papers, please inform me by tonight so that I can bring them tomorrow. I will submit your grades by tomorrow night, after which  I will no longer change any of your scores/grades. I will be at UP tomorrow afternoon for grade consultation.


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.49.20 PM

Code: 1st letter of surname & last 3 digits of student number