CS 12. MP Deadline (Sigil, Sprites, etc..)

I. Deadlines

For early checking of proper sprites and balanced equipment, consumable and Wight for the The Battle of DCS. Please not of the following early deadlines.

July 10, 2016  12:00 NN: Deadline of submission of House Sigil, and all sprites (Champion, Wight, Consumable, Equipment).

July 11, 2016 5:00 PM: Deadline of Submission of Source Code and Class File for Wight, Consumable and Equipment.

Missing a deadline means disqualification from the battle (no bonus points).

Note that you will still submit them for the final submission on July 14, 201611:59 PM.

II. Bonus Points

Bonus points are earned by joining the competition. By qualifying and joining the battle, you automatically gets 5 points bonus.

All houses will be awarded extra points based on the gold points their group has accumulated from the games. 1 point will be awarded to the house for every 300 (Subject to change as the awarded King on the Iron Throne will automatically get the max bonus) gold they have accumulated, regardless if the house were already eliminated in the eliminations.

The bonus from golds is 25 points.

Another 2 points will be given if the house have a short cheer specifically for their house during the battle.