CS 135 Exam 1 on Saturday

Exam 1 is on Saturday Sept 17, 2016 1:00PM  at the Lecture Hall.

Cheat Sheet. You are allowed to have a cheat sheet during the exam with the following specifications.

  • individual
  • A4 size bond paper
  • use one side only
  • hand written
  • Upper left corner (one per line): Name (L, F, MI), Student Number, Section
  • Must contain only the following: i) Definitions. ii) Solutions/answers to problems that were discussed during the lectures.
  • any violation of the above specifications (including those that contain solution to problems that are not discussed in class) means the student can no longer use the cheat sheet.
  • Only approved cheat sheets can be used during the exam.
  • Deadline: Sept 15, 2016 at 5:00PM. Submit during class or at room 316.
  • Late cheat sheet will no longer be accepted and will not be allowed during the exam.