Hug me sweetie, let mommy hold you for a while

My child is growing up so fast. It has been a year when she started day care. she can now write her name. She knows the alphabet, their sound, and how to write them. She can read some words. She knows a lot of song (mostly nursery rhymes). She is potty trained since a year ago. She can count and read small numbers. She asks so many questions. She wants a younger brother. She wants to wear my clothes and shoes. She wants to be a ‘grown-up’.

I can’t prevent her from growing up. Nor forbid her to dream of big girls stuff. We just let them. Ohh sweetie, please let mommy savor every moment. Let me hug you longer. Let me brush your hair for awhile. I’m getting ready to let you do things on your own, just give me time.