Pipay’s first day of school

Dear Pipay,

This is it. You are going to a real school. You are now going to a school where you will be evaluated, where you attendance will be checked, where you will be expected to accomplish some tasks.

After almost 30 years of studying, the one day I will never forget is my first day of school. I didn’t want to go to school. I remember crying during that day and just asking Nanay to just let me go home. I am pretty sure, you wont have that experience. Unlike me before, you already experienced day care, you already experienced summer school. Unlike me before, you are friendly, and sociable. But just the same, I think this day will be something that you will remember.

Before we forget the real essence of schooling, I just want to remind you that we are sending you to school, not because we want you to excel or graduate with honors. We are sending you to school because we want you to learn. We just don’t want you to memorize things, we want you to learn things, we want you to experience things.

OK, Mommy and Daddy were excellent students before, but we won’t compare our experiences with yours. We lived in a time when grades rule. It was a time where you need to have good grades to succeed. Times are changing. Pipay, we want you to learn. Mommy and Daddy will always help you. There are times na magagalit kami if kung tatamarin ka mag-aral or kung hindi ka makikinig sa teachers, pero hindi kami magagalit kung hindi mo maiintindihan ang lessons. Hindi kami tatamarin kung kailangan mong magpaturo sa amin. Tutulungan ka namin

Pipay, education is the best gift we can and we will ever give you. The education we received from our parents, the effort that they gave us to support us it changed our lives. The education that we got are game changers. We will not be in this position if not because of the education that we had, and we also want that thing for you. Times may be changing, but the importance of education remains the same.

I don’t care kung anong gawin mo pag malaki ka na, but please, tapusin mo pag-aaral mo. 🙂


I love you.