June 13, 2016

CS 12 AY1516C

This is the official website of the CS 12 (X123 & X13-1) classes, SY 2015-2016 Mid Year.

Regularly check this page for class materials, updates and other important announcements.

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  • CS 12 Grade July 22, 2016 Rose Ann

    Please see attached computation of your grade.

    All corrections/appeal/questions will be entertained until 5:00PM on July 26 Tuesday. After that, all corrections ...

  • CS 12 MP: GOC Battle at DCS July 11, 2016 Rose Ann

    please joint the fb event page


    CS 12 – Huffman deadline July 8, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    Hello to give you to time to develop the code for the huffman algorithm, I am moving the deadline on ...

  • Code on Binary Trees July 8, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    public class Tree {

    private static Node root;
    public Tree(int d)
    root = new Node(d);
    public Node getRoot()

  • CS 12 MP Questions – Answers 2 July 7, 2016 Rose Ann

    I. Question

    Tatlo lang po ba yung contents ng documentation folder at pwede po paexplain nung contents na dapat ...

  • CS 12. MP Deadline (Sigil, Sprites, etc..) July 7, 2016 Rose Ann

    I. Deadlines

    For early checking of proper sprites and balanced equipment, consumable and Wight for the The Battle of DCS. Please ...

  • CS 12 MP Questions – Answers July 7, 2016 Rose Ann


    1. What are the dimensions of the sigil? Will it be used in-game? Also, can we use an actual motto ...

  • Meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 1:30 PM) July 6, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    Hello, we are meeting tomorrow (or today if you are reading this today), Thursday at 1:30 PM. ERDT room



    CS 12 will not meet tomorrow 1.5.2016 July 4, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    CS 12 will not meet tomorrow 1.5.2016

    source codes discussed in class earlier June 28, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    here are the source codes that were discussed earlier:


    public class ListClass {

    Node list;


  • Class on Monday – June 27, 2016 June 25, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    Because of the College of Engineering Graduation ceremonies, we won’t be able to meet on Monday. We will however meet ...

  • Shape source code + MEs for next week June 17, 2016 Philip Zuniga

    Deadline for ME 4 (all 3 items) are on June 27, 5 PM.

  • CS 12 1516C: MP Specs June 16, 2016 Rose Ann


    Link to Game World

    DropBox link of MP World


    Source Codes from ME June 15, 2016 Philip Zuniga


    please see the source codes from our ME kanina.



    public class Character {

    private String name;

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